Quantifying Detroit's boom ---> More jobs on the horizon

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It's not all cranes and smokescreens.  Behind the blueprints, bricks and bustling activity that you see downtown there is big conversation around plans that are brewing to bring more work to Detroit.  

At a press conference given by Dan Gilbert in the city's beloved Book Tower (currently undergoing a massive rehab), the Quicken Loans founder unveiled plans for four major projects that span five years that will add 3.2 million sq.ft. of office, retail and residential space, 2,000 new parking spaces, and create thousands of permanent and construction jobs.

Nice to read some good news, isn't it?  Read more here:


Amazon HQ2 in Detroit? Well, very-maybe.

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Looks like 'The D' may have its city godfather onboard to pitch Detroit for the new Amazon headquarters.   The Mayor has approached Dan Gilbert to help with official proposal that Detroit be home to their new 8 million square feet of office space to house up to 50,000 employees.

According to Curbed, the hit list for locations is as follows:

  1. Cadillac Place/Fisher Building/New Center
  2. The Hudson’s Site
  3. The Monroe Blocks
  4. Michigan Central Station
  5. The Packard Plan

Fingers crossed that we've got the lucky numbers to win this jackpot! Stay tuned...

Source:  https://detroit.curbed.com/2017/9/7/16269890/amazon-new-headquarters-detroit

The Detroit comeback is alive and well, welcome Little Caesars Arena!

Many thought it was fable, many doubted the inevitable. The naysayers have been proved wrong, yet again.

Detroit proudly welcomed its new Arena this week and celebrations have only just begun.  With an incredible roster of events upcoming the Little Caesars Arena is sure to bring back the beat of Detroit's massive heart. And who else but to open the new LCA? Why Kid Rock of course.  


Cadillac, shaken - not stirred.


As if their current sweet line up wasn't enough, a recent trip to dealer proved yet again why the brand is so rad.  The new Van Dyke location hosts an impressive art collection of vintage rides that pay homage to Cadillac's history, like this 1959 Cyclone (drool/dream ride).  A car this cool could only have come out of Detroit (Rock City).

Scarcity is here. No really.

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According to the Detroit News, a national housing scarcity is affecting the ability of home buyers to find/secure property.  One of the areas at the top of the list in this recent scarcity surge?  You guessed it.

According to the data reported, the Detroit-Dearborn-Livonia area saw a 43.4 percent drop in homes available for purchase and the Warren-Troy-Farmington Hills area saw a 32.1 percent decline.  This is good news for investors who are in the game early.

Adding to the dilemma, "despite the scant supply, U.S. home sales are expected to rise this year, economists say. Fueled by job growth, pay raises and still-low loan rates — and perhaps fearful of being left out as more homes are snapped up and prices rise further — many people are looking to buy."

Source:  http://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/real-estate/2017/04/10/declining-housing-stock-puts-homebuyers-bind/100271168/