The quiet underdog is making some big waves.
Opportunity in 'The D' is picking up momentum.


Mention Detroit anywhere outside the city just a few years ago and most people would sigh in sympathy for the broken, bankrupt, crime-ridden metropolis that once was America's pride and joy.  Further plagued by the media's negative depictions of burnt out buildings and homes that were left unsecured during The D's darkest hours, the city was labeled a war zone.  But what's been brewing rather silently behind the filters is a renaissance that is garnering unprecedented attention.  The rebuilding of Detroit is rapidly underway and has the makings of the best comeback story this country has ever seen.  Here are some reasons why you should be paying attention:

  • Numerous Billionaires making substantial (competitive) investments in Metro Detroit

  • Relocation of emerging tech companies to Detroit from out of state

  • 4th largest destination for Chinese investment dollars in the country

  • Construction of state-of-the-art sports stadiums, retail centers underway

  • Major rail construction and city infrastructure improvements underway

  • Automotive industry crushing expectations, major investments in local operations

  • Detroit Metro Airport is 16th busiest in country, major Delta HUB (1500+ flights/day)

  • City is investment friendly, tax incentives for relocating companies

  • Migration of young out-of-state professionals to Detroit’s urban center

  • Country’s largest urban farming plans make Detroit reign in Farm-to-Table possibilities

  • Gastronomical scene exploding with the opening of countless new restaurants

  • Massive resurgence of funding into the arts/theater


Detroit is also home to some global brands.  While the migration of new start-up tech companies are creating a bigger stir the presence of some of the nation's most important corporate giants lend to the bullish thoughts on The D's ability thrive once again:

  • OnStar

  • Compuwear

  • Quicken Loans

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Ally Financial

  • Vanguard Health

  • Trinity Health

  • The "Big Three" (Chrysler, Ford, GM)

  • DTE Energy

  • Comerica

  • HP Enterprise


Detroit is a good business decision, but it's also way cool.  Here's why...


Rich in history and culture, Detroit has been the birthplace of major technological innovations, progressive music movements, communications developments and more.  It's responsible for keeping the party going for most of the country during Prohibition, it provided a critical exit point for enslaved Americans during abolition, and more.  Most importantly DETROIT IS A SURVIVOR CITY, one filled with amazing, tenacious people who are committed to bringing back its glory. Here are some neat facts about The D:

  • It's the birthplace of Motown

  • Also the birthplace of Techno

  • Has phenomenal jazz scene and is home to oldest jazz club in the country

  • City is built over 1400+ acres of salt mines which lay 1200 feet below the city

  • Sports capital of the midwest

  • First US city to pave a concrete road, Woodward Ave, still a prominent road today

  • First police department to put two-way radios in their patrol cars

  • Built the first expressway, the Davison, which still exists today

  • Supplied 75% of liquor during Prohibition

  • Aired the first ever news radio broadcast

  • Houses the largest island park within a city, Belle Isle, bigger than Central Park, NY

  • Was a critical last stop on the Underground Railroad

  • Full of architectural gems from Art Deco skyscrapers to Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces

  • First city to begin the concept of a publicly funded university

  • It supports a fertile marketplace where new ideas are met with enthusiasm

  • Friendly, hospitable, down-to-earth mid-west culture

  • It's an unpretentious city with heart, soul, muscle and big dreams


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