Providing peace of mind and a simplified, transparent approach is what we are all about.

No matter what scale of investment you are seeking to make Rock City works with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  From multi-family dwellings to AAA tenant occupied commercial complexes we and our powerful alliance team are here to assist you through each and every step towards reaching your investment goals.


From duplexes to full service apartment buildings, Multi Unit acquisitions are available turn key or rehab ready.  All project and management related services available through our alliance group.



Executive, hotel and retail acquisitions of all scales available. On and off-market opportunities, financing and all aspects of project/property management available through our alliance group.


 Detroit's bright future has inspired the Rock City team to further its vision and be a part of the rebuilding of this awesome city on a whole new scale.  Exciting projects are in the pipeline.


Careful evaluation of inventory with multiple layers of due diligence leads us to the best properties.


Rock City has established relationships with various strategic resources that present numerous opportunities on a daily basis to our team.  In addition to MLS listings, preferred access to private (off market) listings, pre-foreclosure, REO and auction properties through our network gives our team a highly competitive edge.

In the land of opportunity, beware of too-good-to-be-true deals.

Even the most basic research done on the Detroit Real Estate market will point to opportunity.  With opportunity comes opportunists, some of which may only have their interests in mind.  This can be especially risky for out-of-state and foreign investors who are entrusting funds from afar. Rock City works exclusively with a hand selected alliance group that assists in the careful evaluation of each property presented to us from our various sources.   


Common pitfall areas for out-of-state and foreign investors:

  • Unpaid taxes

  • Unresolved liens

  • Outstanding water bills/affidavits

  • Unresolved tenant issues

  • Rehab (major and minor)

  • Maintenance and ordinance issues

  • Securing the property from vandalism

Restoring the beauty, restoring the pride.


Property rehabilitation not only brings back luster to The D, it also restores the pride and well being of those tenanting said properties.

In cases where investors wish to acquire properties pre-rehab, our team provides photos, an inspection report and a return-on-investment analysis of the potential for a property to the investor. This information gives the investor adequate information to move through the negotiation process with rehab and return budgets in mind. Offers are submitted on request from our clients through Rock City and if/when acquired, we launch and monitor the rehab process all the way through to tenancy for the newly acquired property.

Members of our alliance group determine the scope of the work required to bring the property to habitable and “Rent Ready” condition. We work with multiple skilled contracting teams with various areas of specialization. 

The investor is provided with photos and reports through the rehab process. We are in constant contact with the investor to keep them aware of the progress and to ensure that improvements are being completed on schedule to allow for tenancy as quickly as possible.  Fees are determined on a per case basis.


Protecting your assets through Michigan entities


Over the last couple of decades, Limited Liability Companies (more commonly referred to as LLCs) have become the most preferred form of business entity through which to hold title to investment properties.  The LLC structure provides some insulation from personal risk exposure for investors.  Moreover, the structure’s administration is fairly straightforward and can provide potential tax benefits.  Ownership of investment property through LLCs has therefore become a very desirable option in most instances.

Out-of-state and foreign investors can also benefit from ownership of Detroit area properties through the Michigan LLC structure.  Through our carefully selected Alliance group, namely our Legal partners, we are able to assist absentee investors with all of the following services:

  • Establishment of Michigan LLCs
  • Obtaining of ITIN (tax payer identification)
  • Open US bank accounts via temporary agency
  • All tax preparation, reporting and filing


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Wayne County Building

Wayne County Building


Superior management = superior peach of mind

Engaging the right management company is one of the most vital decisions to effectively protect and leverage your investments. Rock City’s strategic property management partners provide a full range of services including:  

  • Marketing properties

  • Tenant inquiries, pre-qualification and showings

  • Application processing

  • Background and credit investigations

  • Lease signing

  • Rent collection

  • Accounting

  • Property maintenance and full service repair

  • City inspections

  • Tenant housing subsidy

  • Legal issues including evictions and garnishments

  • Simple, transparent reporting available 24/7/365

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Rock City is proud to announce the official launch of our development division.

Greater Detroit's reinvention tour continues to amaze and awe investors from around the globe.  Rock City is excited to be venturing into the development community of this exciting, vibrant city that experiencing a sensational renaissance.

Stay tuned to our website for updates on the exciting development ventures in our pipeline.

To request personalized update on our developments, please use the contact form here.

- RC