Weclome to 'The D'

To try to put into words what this colorful city stands for seems to trivialize the task.  Detroit's culture and contagious spirit stopped us in our tracks when we first landed.  How could a city, plagued by such a ghettoized reputation be so vibrant, so diverse, so positive, so progressive? The rich layers that give this city its depth, its character, come from both an incredible history (one pivotal to the nation's culture as a whole) and the awesome determination of the people that survived Detroit's darkest days that would see this awesome metropolis back to its glory days once again. To define Detroit, to know this city, requires you to breath in the awesome life that is exudes.  It is not to be read about, but rather to be experienced, to be felt, to be seen.  We're so excited to be here and can't wait to introduce you to Detroit through our lens.